Tate Construction have been working in conjunction with Witchcliffe Eco Village for over 12 months to provide designs for the development which meet the stringent requirements for both the covenants of the estate. They must also achieve a negative carbon production for the life of the building by the use of innovative and natural products.

With the aim to produce home designs that achieve a negative carbon rating, low emissions and sustainability, our designs and materials have been put through a Life Cycle Assessment to ensure they meet the stringent criteria for the WEV. (Witchcliffe Eco Village).

Tate Construction and Nikko Designs have worked closely with WEV developers to create these innovative designs, giving you a choice of 9 homes to suit the Groupie, Cottage and Family lot sizes.

All these designs can be adapted to suit your requirements, or a custom design completed if you have a special vision for your new home.
With our combined experience and knowledge we can help you to live your dream lifestyle in this world class first development.
Give us a call today, or email sunny@tateconstruction.com.au or info@nikkodesign.com.au for further information.
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The Millhouse


The Barn

The Orchard

The Croft

The Blackwood

The Lodge

The Shervington